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The Curio Shoppe

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The Curio Shoppe

Folks I care for my customers. I’ve owned The Curio Shoppe on the West side of the square in Greensburg, Indiana since 1980.  I still maintain my license to sell and though I closed the doors of the shop last year I still have plenty of inventory at bargain prices for the collectors of this country.

I have a store front on EBay “Curio Shoppe discount liquidators” and this Website. 

I still make up cemetery pieces for May sales to the public, but devote most of my time to EBay sales and this website. 

Please take a look at my sites.

I am going to be putting my website on one or more billboards on the interstates in Indiana.  At the same time I will do some soliciting for advertisers for the billboards.  Look for the “”